What radio stations are playing Phyllis Sparks' CDs and what are some are saying about Phyllis:”
"Over the next few weeks, I intend to air cuts 1-7,9, 10, and 12. All the best, Eric." — Eric Blankman, host and PD of "Future Echoes," airing Sun 9:00am (EDT) WBAA/West Lafayette, IN”
"Please add us to your mailing address. Thank you!" — Fred Swanson, PD KLUX/Corpus Christie, TX”
"Very Good. Keep us on your mailing list." — Rick Howard, PD KBWC/Marshall, TX”
"Fits our format like a glove." — Larry Collins, GM KFPR/Chico, CA”
Adrienne LaFrance - I know my listeners will enjoy Ms. Sparks just as much as I have! Please continue to consider our station for any new music that you would like to air. KAJX/Aspen, CO”
Rabbit Zielkie — ProducerCeltic Harvest/Sunrise programs, "Lovely work." CKWR/Waterloo, Ontario CAN”
WOMR/Provincetown, MA"Thanks for this CD and we look forward to other new releases." — Diana Fabbri, Operations Mgr (Favorite track picks #3, #5, #6)”
"Nice! They have endless potential." — Ken Coles, PD WJIB/Cambridge, MA.”

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